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KeyFi Pro

Intelligent tools for managing your DeFi portfolio. Create custom DeFi strategies, project your yield, and manage your assets, all from one convenient application.

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Managing all of your DeFi assets is hard. Our mission is simple—utilize the power of data, analytics, automation, and AI to improve your DeFi experience and save you time, money, and hassle.

Next-Generation DeFi Tools

To help you streamline your DeFi experience

KeyFi Pro Strategize

Design Strategies

Create and manage custom DeFi strategies in an organized fashion using the Strategy Manager.

KeyFi Pro Simulate


Project your results clearly using our innovative data visualizations and simulation tools.

KeyFi Pro Monitoring


Keep track of your liquidity pools, yields, and staking rewards on a convenient Management Dashboard.

KeyFi Pro Discover


Keep up with your favorite assets and even discover new ones intelligently and efficiently on your Research Dashboard.

Research Dashboard

Research Dashboard

Seamlessly monitor crypto markets and take immediate action. Read real-time news and research, discover trending tokens, and evaluate historical returns.

Research DashboardResearch DashboardResearch Dashboard
Research Dashboard

Discover, evaluate, and take action

DeFi is easy when you have the right tools.

Market Data

Crypto prices, market capitalization, rankings, advanced search, and more.

News Feed

Displays relevant news for every asset. Stay up to date on the events that impact your token prices.


A curated list of cryptocurrencies by combining sentiment analysis and your existing holdings.


Track your favorite tokens by adding them to your Watchlist, and click through to swap them.

Discover UIDiscover UI
KeyFi Pro Strategy Manager

Strategy Manager

Designed for sophisticated users who want fine grain control over their DeFi strategies. Create and deploy your very own custom strategies across multiple chains, platforms, and protocols, helping you make faster, more informed decisions, as well as better project your results.

KeyFi Pro Strategy UIKeyFi Pro Strategy UI


Create your strategy from a variety of chains, platforms, and protocols, directly from the Strategy Manager.

KeyFi Pro Strategy UI


The simulation suite and its predictive analysis allows you to forecast your strategy’s rate of return.

KeyFi Pro Strategy UI


Backtest your strategy against historical data by leveraging our comprehensive data architecture.

KeyFi Pro Strategy UI


Tokens available


Exchanges tracked


News sources



Enhance your DeFi experience

Here are additional features you can expect in the coming months


Smart Alerts

Unlimited custom alerts delivered to you by Telegram, email, and SMS.


CeFi Integrations

Access to some of the best centralized finance has to offer, like earning interest via Nexo.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Increase readability and reduce eye fatigue when viewing your portfolio at night.


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