A New Way To Manage DeFi
Simplify your DeFi experience with a comprehensive set of integrations and data designed to give the right insights for your assets.
Stake, rebalance, or yield farm using major DeFi platforms and earn KEYFI rewards along the way.
First of its Kind in DeFi
Deeper Insights Into DeFi
Use advanced data-driven monitoring and analytics tools with alerts to help you stay informed 24/7.
We bring you all the top DeFi platforms in one place. Earn KEYFI token rewards for Staking, Rebalancing, Yield Farming.
Suggest and improve the KeyFi platform as well as KEYFI token through decentralized governance and voting - exclusive for KEYFI token holders.
Advanced monitoring and analytics tools enable you to make informed decisions.
Continuously trained AI model integration offers you data insights to maximize your yields across platforms.
Simple & Secure DeFi Aggregation
AI-Powered DeFi Aggregator Platform
KeyFi brings you the top DeFi platforms like Aave, Compound, Uniswap, 1inch, and more under one roof. Invest in a liquidity pool or rebalance your investment in a DeFi platform, all while earning KEYFI rewards.animationpools-animation
DEFI alerts
Get notified with changes to yield percentages on your investments in a DeFi protocol.You can also get data on all the available tokens and from available DeFi platforms.Open App
SelfKey Credentials allows you to gain access to exclusive features including KEY staking.Verify your Credentials through the SelfKey wallet today and get access to bonus KEYFI token rewards.Get Credentials

Connecting With Major DeFi Platforms