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Dots in the background


Litepaper is released
Token Economics Whitepaper is released
New Wallet Integrations
  • MetaMask
  • WalletConnect
  • SelfKey Wallet
New Platform Integrations
  • Compound (deposits)
  • Aave (deposits)
  • Uniswap (swaps and add liquidity)
  • 1inch (swaps)
  • Curve Compound (cToken Pool)
  • dYdX (deposits)
SelfKey Powered Credentials Integration
In progress
Adding Full User Transaction History
New Platform Integrations
  • CREAM Finance
  • Full Liquidity Management for Uniswap
  • Binance Smart Chain Wallet
  • PancakeSwap
  • Nexo Earn
Develop KeyFi Pro foundational infrastructure
Monitor aggregated addresses on Ethereum
Monitor multi-chain addresses
New Platform Integrations
  • MakerDAO
  • Curve Pool additional integrations
  • Compound add borrow functions
  • Aave add borrow functions
  • Venus Protocol (BSC)
  • Beefy Finance (BSC)
  • BakerySwap (BSC)
  • 1Inch (BSC)
  • SushiSwap
  • CREAM (Ethereum / BSC)
KeyFi Pro Launch
  • Alerts
  • Data Dashboard
  • Full Launch